Friday, December 31, 2010

You Don't Know Jack! about New Year's

"Fr. Jack takes on tourists in Times Square to ask people what new year's resolutions are going to be this year, what feast the Catholic Church celebrates on January 1st, and if anyone knows about the biggest resolution ever made in all of human history." ~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 Vatican news stories from 2010

Check out the "Top 10 Vatican news stories from 2010". Thanks to Lisa Hendey for sharing this on CatholicMomTV at!
So, do you know what was the top #1 Vatican news story in 2010 was?
Hint: Ask a listener from the country that shares a similar unity(ed) title as the U.S. but also add a king+dome and combine that with a journey by a top church leader.
Comment on this blog post and share your answers!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Technical Difficulties: NO Show on Dec 24, 31, Jan 7

Due to Technical Difficulties, there will be NO Show on Dec 24, 2010, Dec 31, 2010, and Jan 7, 2011.
This show will resume on Friday, January 14, 2011 at our regular scheduled time from 3-4PM CST.
(Special Birthday show on Jan. 14th: But, the question is who's birthday??)
Do you have any comments or voicemail feedback to share with our listeners? Give me a call at +1-630-384-9137 and call-in your birthday wishes or comments about this show!!
Have a happy holidays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

This Week's Show: Why see THERE BE DRAGONS?

Hello Listeners and Friends:


On this week's show, why you need to see There Be Dragons movie coming in theaters Spring 2011: Stay tuned to why you need to see it. This movie is based on true event; St. Josemaria Escriva. A film by Roland Joffé. "An epic portrayal of faith, tradgedy and redemption." a movie about forgiveness. What are your dragons? What are your secrets? An INSPIRATIONAL movie. So, I hope that when it comes out to theaters that YOU will be inspired so for now I'll ask you "RU Inspired" to see this movie?? I know that I am inspired and excited to see the final cut of the movie!!


Take Care and God Bless,
-Daniel (aka... "podmandan")
WRBC: The Blaze Radio, D.J./Continuity Director


Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Don't Know Jack...about Advent!

According to, in a feature article by the editor's:
"Christmas is coming and Busted Halo longtime friend Fr. Jack Collins, CSP, hits the streets (and the local ice skating rink) to ask people what they know about that anticipatory season of waiting and preparation… Advent."
Check out the following video on

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catholic New Media Advent Calendar with Daniel Smrokowski

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 16:17 — 14.9MB)

Today we have two advent calendar treats for you on the Catholic New Media Advent Calendar. Click here to read an advent reflection by Tammy Kasperki.
Daniel Smrokowski aka Podman Dan is a Catholic University Student in Chicago. He hosts the
Special Chronicles Podcast and the
RUInspired radio show on WRBC: The Blaze at Roosevelt University-Chicago from 3-4 pm on Fridays. Today's advent reflections first appeared on the RUInspired radio show on December 3.
Links: Catholic Answers about Advent Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M. from Franciscan Communications, about the advent wreath:
Music Credits:
"O Come O Come Emmanuel" by Benjamin Shafer and Jared Smith - Courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network at
"Given" -Courtesy of Popple,
To send Dan feedback: Call his Voice Feedback Line at: +1-630-384-9137 or e-mail him at

Advent Wreath by edan idzerda on flickr Creative Commons Share alike

Join us tomorrow for more reflections produced by great Catholic New Media personalities as we journey through the advent.

  1. Send me your feedback on the blog at by email at pan> or by calling 206-666-7374.
  2. Go to the Catholic New Media Advent Calendar
Join us tomorrow for more reflections produced by great Catholic New Media personalities as we journey through the advent.

  1. Send me your feedback on the blog at by email at pan> or by calling 206-666-7374.
  2. Go to the Catholic New Media Advent Calendar

Friday, December 3, 2010

Spoiler live review: World Premiere of family film "A Walk In My Shoes" on NBC!

How did I hear about this world premiere? Read this blog post by friend, Lisa Hendey.
A Walk In My Shoes - 2:33 TRLR from on Vimeo.
For those listeners who tuned in to today's show, I may of  forgotten to mention this world premiere of a new family film "A Walk In My Shoes" on NBC. Today I'll be sharing my live status update reflections that I've posted in facebook while the movie is in process: **Read with caution: may contain spoilers***

status update (about 7:41Pm CT): watching a walk in my shoes on NBC right now (7-9PM CT); we need more uplifting movies on TV like this one. so many lessons to learn. one lesson: selfreflections are healthly for you.

about an hour ago  ·  · 

  • You and Lisa Hendey like this.

    • Daniel Smrokowski Awesome soundtrack too!!
      49 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski 
      inspirational characters; I believe that we all can relate to in someway or another.

      Thanks Lisa for sharing this with us on your blog on

      A lesson I've taken from this family film thus far: People can change if we give them the chance.

      45 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski a couple of characters students say they are so stressed out with school; oh boy, can I relate!!
      32 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski topic of assignment in film: "the day that changed my life"
      32 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski hard lesson of getting kicked out of your house... wow, this movie is powerful. How many of you are watching the world premiere of this film tonight?? let's start a conversation... add comments to this status update!
      30 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski one boy says his dad says "christmas is all about miracles" ; then they do other things that they don't tell their parents... is this average for these boys? another character isn't a true friend to another character who you can tell really is need of a friend, a true teammate.
      20 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski a neighbor (who could the teen's, one of main character's, dad) reaches out to a teen who's struggling.
      13 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski 
      Jake says "when a solider gets wounded they think of other families, their kids. ... you don't understand ... the last time dad came home.." he got made at his dad and said he hated his dad; He "totaly said 'I hate you'" now he is saying how he could do that; and he held a stupid basketball game against him and never said he was sorry and last words his dad ever heard him say was "I hate you." ; this teen male cries. the mom "in the other's shoes" says he needs to write it all down, to write every feeling. he says that he can't . she said that he just did. such a comforting thought.

      9 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski 
      everyone seems to learn an important lesson.seems like main character is learning to listen. is "retreating" through this "homework assignment she is taking through the majority part of the film.
      now she's driving. same as beginning of film. almost same events. dejevous? one character, girl, says her mother thinks she's special. she starts dancing - ballot; the teen guy "jake"; she says she wants to major in dance and she says its kind of dumb but he encourages her. little bother and neighbor talking about cars. little boy has idea.. putting up christmas lights so their dad can see them. everyone seems to be changing for the good.

      about a minute ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski commercial: wow, facebook is everywhere. Is this good? bad? thoughts?
      2 seconds ago · 
  • Daniel Smrokowski 
    ‎26 minutes left.. teen boy is dressed up. school dance? he doesn't know how to dance.. his mom teaches him.. any sons or mothers out there: can you relate? this is a funny real life movie. he takes a picture and sends to Caitlin. mom says she say him in park... Dana. he says she's really cool and smart just not in math. he says "oh lady..." and he tells her she says she's stressed out. he is telling her that she is not a geek and totally amazed. she asks him how his paper is going; he says he could use help on it; she helps him. she says to him to write what he feels what happen; little brother is talkign with neighbor friend; and asks him where he was when his dad died and the neighbor says to little boy, "right beside him"
    older brother finishes and mom says she's proud of him. dad would be too. she says to write what you feel (I paraphrased here). basketball game.. .mom says she loves basketball; is there with little brother; Is big brother in game? think so ; then mom sees her what "could be her angel" walking in middle of basketball court. suspensful ending. angle is smiing. mom is in tears. they team wins championship by 1 point. angel tells her she gets an A. angel tells her everyone is proud of her. mom says "who's proud of me? who are you?" wind. she's back in classroom. Is the dram over? - now 20 minutes left.

    2 seconds ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski a lot of commericals seem to relate to message of film.
      8 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski coming up on George Cloonly ... journalist? didn't he used to study this in college?
      8 minutes ago · 

    • Daniel Smrokowski 
      same seen from beginning... parent asks her to give her son another change. teacher tells mother to be in charge. to be the mother. teacher may know what's about to happen. confesses to the way she treated the parent. .she says she's truly sorry. teacher tries to drive parent home. she's probably trying to prevent the accident. a walk of my shoes really has helped her. parent appreciates the teacher's words... thanks her for listening.. teacher hasn't been listening to her feelings or her family and has been conffessed to the way she's been acting. same thing has been occurring from previous. de je vous from earlier in the film. teacher comes home. main character suggests to her daughter to drop an advanced math class and suggests do something fu nlike dancing, daughter thakns mom. husband comes home- police officer- the guy she talking too. he smiles. she says she feels like she wants to do something and help the family whose shoes she was in. her husband says do what you want; and loves his wife. she says she has all the time in the world. -- 9 minutes left. - DVD and CD bonus pack at Walmart ** seems like really interesting.

      2 seconds ago · 
      Daniel Smrokowski 
      ‎"A Walk In My Shoes" seems to teach the main character a really important lesson. // commerical- obese adults- get healthy! / movie returns.. neighbor brings a year's rent.. anyon donor. jake takes him in. A MIRACLE. by the way JAKE IS THE NEIGHBOR. // jake tosses justin a basketball and justin tells jake.. "always faithful" // jake drives and picks up a hitchhiker.. the girl.. who looks like the angel. jake and girl get ice cream.. their plan.. no considence... she says sometimes things don't happen for a reason... puzzle. girl shows jake .. "when you help someone else you heal your own wound." / the two will get along.
      2 seconds ago ·

Today's Show Notes Plan- links from the show

Welcome Listeners!  Before I get to the topics for today's show, I would like to take a moment to share with you a message regarding the music for these first few weeks of the month...   Since at WRBC: The Blaze, we are in the process of playing holiday music, Today's show will begin the holiday season with music of the holiday season!  For any of you who may be preparing for Christmas through the season of Advent, I too, agree that it is way to early to be playing Christmas-holiday music in the first week of December, but in seeing that this is a secular college radio station, and I am a part of the I have to abide by rules of the music that we are playing the next few weeks. So, I will try to compromise...  I promise you that the music that you will hear in today's show will be uplifting, inspirational, and who knows--may get you up and dancing or bouncing your foot to the sounds or even singing along in your place of work, office, room, bus, train, street--wherever you may be listening.

A technology test will be occurring sometime during the show.  Here's a hint: can you say "call-in to the radio show?"  We are not sure if this will work, but listen for when our station's advisor will call-in and then if it works, I would like to extend an offer to all of you listeners so you can join in the conversation and discussion.  (1-312-853-3939)

Around 3:15pm; 3:30pm; 3:45pm; 3:55pm: As always, we'll be sharing some brief meditational reflections by St. Josemaria Escriva.  Check out a recent blog post from this blog for more about the sources I've used on the show with regard to a few of St. Josemaria Escriva's best known works.

Today's Topics for discussion: 

  • [I.] Is it the Christmas season already?  What's Advent and why do "those people" celebrate this and disregard the earliness of the Christmas season?
  • Photo Credit by edan idzerda
    • What's with the popular religious custom of the Advent Wreath? 
    • What's an Advent Calendar?  
      • Would you like an opportunity for reflection and a micro challenge?  Would you like a chance to win some awesome daily or weekly prizes or even a chance to win the grand prize of a new iPod Nano? 
         From Busted Halo's 2010 Advent Surprise Calendar:

How the digital Advent calendar works

Each day, that day’s link in the Advent calendar will start working, leading to a special Advent-themed Daily Jolt, with an opportunity for reflection, a microChallenge and a chance to win a prize. Some of the reflections come from unlikely sources, and the challenges help you to take an action, usually a small one, based on the reflection.
  • [II] Discussion of a recent blog post article that was published today from
    • Looking to Lie? Do it Via Email by Christine B. Whelan - published December 3, 2010
      • Do YOU lie via email?  What are your thoughts on this blog post from Busted Halo?
      • Comment over at
      • Share your thoughts here and on today's show- comment on this blog as well if you'd like.
  • [III.] What's Hanukkah?  According to a recent article on, published by Carolyn H. Martone, entitlted, "Gilda Means Golden", "Hanukkah is the festival of lights, instead of one day of presents we have eight crazy nights...", Adam Sandler said in "Chanukah Song." 
  • [IV.] Inspiration and uniting all faiths and Standing Firm
    • preview new movie that's now available on DVD
      • Standing Firm
        • visit the movie website to watch the trailer and for more information.
  • [V.] Coming up on next week's show
Links from today's show:

Take Care and God Bless,