Friday, March 26, 2010

Popple Live in-studio Guest on March 26, 2010!

Hello "R U Inspired?" Fans, Dan H. from the Catholic Acoustic Humor Rock Band,Popple, came LIVE in the studio on Friday, March 26, 2010 from 3 to 4 p.m. central time! You can watch the live recorded video here below:
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Show Notes and approximate (not exactly at the right time as is shown below) timings:
3:00 p.m.: Intro show (01:59 timing)
: "Contra"
(07:42): Dan Harms (DH) walks in studio
: What is Popple?
: What types of groups to you perform/minster to? states and countries performed in?

(12:00-17:05): "Calm Again-the road to heaven"

Live: 17:12 --
18:50 -- "Fishers of Men" intro to song
22:40--24ish: "Fishers of Men" performed live by DH

25:00 - 29:55: "Shouting in the library" (off air)
26:58: Meg, Dan's fiancee, comes into studio
30:00 - 33:06: "T-fig (and the party on the mountain" (off air)

33:07: Live - talking about songs just heard (25:00; 30:00 timings)
-- see the fun behind the air waves!

35:00--36:36: What inspires Dan Harms?
36:46--38:05: Talk about originally written song "Forever Yours", a song about Mary, mother of God -- intro to song
38:00 --41:28: "Forever Yours" performed live by D.H.

41:29: Live again; talk about size of WRBC: the blaze studio

42:30--43:21: "CTRL-Z" song Intro
43:20--43:33: "CTRL-Z" song (off air

43:33--49:03: Live Shout-D.S. shouts to Jordan, Erika, Nancy, etc. in AUD building and ustream audience-mom typed in chat; Dan Harms shout outs to Meghan-in studio (in corner) and a BIG thanks to her for taking off of work early and for coming down with Dan... Meg and Dan are engaged... Congratulations on your engagement!

50:30--51:-- "Salt & Light (Mt.5)": Live Intro
52:00--54:21: "Salt & Light (Mt.5)"- Performed Live on air by D.H.
54:30 -- after song live talk

55:20 --56:30: What's the Purpose of Popple's Ministry?

26:48-- Intro "Papal Disco" song and note about Fr. Roderick enjoying this song:)

57:00--59:39: "Papal Disco" song (off air)
59:40 -- sudden end of song

1:00:00-- wrap-up; song most people don't know
1:00:59: D.H. tells us where to find Popple online

1:02:46--1:03:45: RUInspired Song written originally written and performed by Dan Harms

1:04:00-Bye and thanks for taking the time to listen & watch!

Author's Closing Blog Note: Looking forward to talking with Dan (and don't forget, Kyle, the other half of the band Popple) again in the near future! Thanks so much Dan and Meg for driving into Chicago to come on the show! It was a pleasure chatting with you live on the radio.

Take Care and God Bless,
A Note on time length: The ustream video is about 1 hour long from about 3:00 p.m. central time (or a couple minutes before 3:00 p.m. and goes to about a minute or two past 4:00 p.m., so about 4:01-02.)
**All times are central standard U.S. time**
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